"The best baby accessory ever!"

Washable - pello can be machine washed and dried easily
Portable - two handles make pello easy to take anywhere
Patented - there is nothing else on the market like pello
Protects - pello protects your baby's head in case of a topple
Cuddles - luxe floor pello is baby soft for your little one

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Simply choose your favorite pello pattern and the coordinating luxe bubble fabric. Each fabric combination also comes in a unique, round plush blanket which fits perfectly over the pello which cuts down on pello washings.

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pello – a luxe floor pillow – was designed by a mom for a well-loved baby!

Provides Comfort and Support – Why lay a baby on a simple blanket on the floor when you have a pello? Your baby will feel cuddled in the soft center; you will feel better knowing that no matter which way your baby topples as they learn to sit up, their head is protected… which means fewer tears!

Promotes Muscle Development – A true baby gym! Your baby’s workout begins with tummy time when they are younger and never really ends! The raised sides of the pello act as an obstacle course when your child begins to crawl. Crawling in and out of the pello helps strengthen all body muscles.

Encourages Independent Play – The pocket entertains babies as they play their own game of peek-a-boo. They put toys in and out of the pocket…over and over again. The loops around the pello and the one loop inside the pocket (great for a pacifier!) help keep toys at bay. Simply attach your baby’s favorite toy to the pello and never have to play the game of mommy-go-fetch again.

1-2 Weeks for Delivery

Fabrics & Materials:

pello’s fabrics are hand selected by our design team. We strive for baby and kid-friendly fabrics that are fashionable yet functional.

pellos are washable and made of 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly. This fabric combination contributes to pello’s multiple uses and longevity.

We use 100% polyester fibers (non-allergenic and flame retardant) to stuff your pello. This creates an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through countless launderings.


Coordinating luxe round blanket complements your pello while cutting down on pello washings. What a perfect pair... pello and blanket

Peaks Green blanket


Machine wash cold on gentle cycle by itself. Dry on low heat setting or air dry.

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Recent Questions

How is Pello different from other baby pillows and infant loungers?

The Pello does not have an “expiration” date! Babies outgrow the other baby pillows on the market because it is not recommended to use these pillows/loungers after your baby is over 16 lbs. Everybody loves a cuddly pillow!

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Pello’s design and size are perfect! I would recommend a Pello to every mom and can't say enough about Cindy Perry. She is an amazing woman and is so patient with expecting moms and friends.

Naomi G-F., Florida

The Pello is so portable, that you just pick up baby and Pello and go to any room or even outside! Also, the quality of the Pello is not only plush but sturdy. You will not find better quality.

Michelle L., Austin, Texas

It gets used by everyone in the family, not just the baby. Our baby boy has LOVED it since the day he was born.

I don’t know what we would do without it!

Haley S., Ohio

When my daughter was born she enjoyed laying and playing in it. When she started sitting, I placed her in the center because the padded sides protected her head when she toppled over.

Cori M., Indiana

We love the fact that it has a center in it, especially for when they are newborns. It provides great support. We love it so much that we actually call it our "Circle of Love".

Brandi E., Indiana